Technical notes

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This documentation is a multimedia collection of linguistic and cultural information on the Kolyma Yukaghirs. The layout and formats have been chosen for the highest possible compatibility, but several technical requirements have to be met for it to be displayed on your browser.

Although the documentation has not been designed for a special browser type, the contents may be displayed differently depending on which type and version of browser you are using. For some purposes Netscape Mozilla ( may be more appropriate than the Internet Explorer. The latter does not always jump to the linked sentences and/or lexicon entries because of the large size of some sites with direct links (up to 200kB). This problem did not occur with the Netscape Mozilla browser.

All the pages of the documentation use CSS-stylesheets for layout and colours. CSS is supported by almost all of the more recent browser versions available. If the pages are not properly displayed with respect to layout and colours, it might be because the browser you are using does not support CSS. In this case check for a more recent version of your browser or use an alternative one. Internet Explorer (since version 5), Netscape (since version 6) and Opera (since version 5) support CSS satisfactorily.

Your computer must be able to play mp3 compressed audio files. Almost all media players available on the different platforms support mp3 compression. Some browsers (in particular Netscape, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer) even have media plug-ins that allow you to play the file directly in your browser.

A minor comment on JavaScript. Some users may have deactivated JavaScript to avoid pop-up windows appearing. This documentation only uses JavaScript for the back and forward buttons in the top navigation bar. These buttons have the same functions as the back and forward buttons of your browser. So if you only want to use the buttons of your browser and not those in the navigation bar of the documentation, you do not need JavaScript at all.