Société Finno-Ougrienne – Finno-Ugrian Society


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The Finno-Ugrian Society is one of the oldest and largest learned societies in Finland. Ever since its founding, the society has striven to promote the research of Uralic and Altaic languages, the ethnography of their speakers as well as the latter's historical and prehistorical past.

‘(The) Finno-Ugrian Society’ in other languages: Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura (in Finnish), Suoma-Ugralaš Searvi (in North Saami), Soome-Ugri Selts (in Estonian), Finn-Ugor Társaság (in Hungarian), Finsk-Ugriska Sällskapet (in Swedish), Société Finno-Ougrienne (in French), Finnisch-Ugrische Gesellschaft (in German), Финно-Угорское Обшество (in Russian), Societas Fenno-Ugrica (in Latin).


Vepsän kielioppi by Riho Grünthal has now been published online.

3 March, 2017

Meeting and presentation in March

The March meeting and presentation of the Finno-Ugrian Society will be held in Tieteiden talo 17th March at 18:15. Ph.D. Jorma Luutonen and Ph.L. Arto Moisio will give a presentation on "Uusi kazanin- ja suomentataarin sanakirja". The meeting will take place in room 505 instead of room 104.

27 February, 2017

Suomen kielen etymologinen sanakirja VII has been published online.

16 February, 2017

Electronic word lists now available online

The second collection of electronic word lists published by the Finno-Ugrian Society includes materials of the Komi, Chuvash and Tatar languages. The total number of different words is ca. 150,000. Each entry is provided with labels that indicate language, word class and dictionary sources.
The main purpose of these word lists is to serve as a source for the study of derivation and word structure. Electronic word lists are also an indispensable component of many applications in the field of language technology.
The package includes a new version of the SFOu WordListTool program that has been specially developed for handling word lists. The alternative user interface languages of the program are English, Russian and Finnish. Read more...

2 February, 2017

Scholarship now open for application

The Finno-Ugrian Society announces the scholarship distributed from the foundation of Kaisi and Kaino Heikkilä open for application. The scholarship will be awarded in the amount of EUR 7500 for research on Mordvin language. More information: Scholarships.

26 January, 2017

Kuávsui já peeivicuovâ. 'Sarastus ja päivänvalo'. Inarinsaamen revitalisaatio. by Annika Pasanen has now been published online.

26 January, 2017

A Grammar of Skolt Saami by Timothy Feist has been published online.

18 January, 2017

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen 63: 1–3. 2016. 388 s. 36 €.

12 January, 2017

Suomen datiivigenetiivin juuret vertailevan menetelmän valossa by Nobufumi Inaba has been published online.

12 January, 2017

Mielen laaksot. Mïelen vuemieh. Miela vuomit. Mielâ vyemeh. Miõl vue'm. Neljän saamen kielen paikannimien rakenne, sanasto ja rinnakkaisnimet vähemmistö–enemmistö-suhteiden kuvastajina by Taarna Valtonen has been published online.

11 January, 2017

Juuret marin murteissa, latvus yltää Uraliin (ed. by Nobufumi Inaba et al.) has been published online.

10 January, 2017

New book on Mordvin languages

Mordvin languages in the field. Ed. by Ksenia Shagal with Heini Arjava. (Uralica Helsingiensia 10.) 2016. 378 p. 25 €.

9 January, 2017

The earliest publications by the Finno-Ugrian Society are available online

The National Library of Finland has made the earliest publications by the Finno-Ugrian Society freely available in their Fenno-Ugrica collection. The Fenno-Ugrica collection includes materials published by the Finno-Ugrian Society before 1945. See the National Library's press release (in Finnish). The Finno-Ugrian Society is grateful for the grant given by the Finnish Association for Scholarly Funding, and for successful cooperation with the National Library of Finland.

10 November, 2016


3 March, 2017