Fennica. Manuscripta Castreniana, Linguistica I. 758 p. ISBN 978-952-7262-07-8 (print/hardcover), ISBN 978-952-7262-08-5 (online/pdf). 50 €.


The Fennica volume consists of two parts. The first part is devoted to the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic published by Elias Lönnrot in 1835. Castrén was the first scholar to translate the entire epic into any language other than Finnish, in this case into Swedish. He also started his career as an academic teacher; giving lectures on the Kalevala in 1841. Now the translation will be published side by side with the original text of Elias Lönnrot’s Kalevala to facilitate comparison. In the marginal notes added by the editor, Castrén’s translation is compared with some minor parts of the Kalevala published in Swedish by other authors before the appearance of Castrén’s full translation. In addition, there are several manuscripts for word lists and comments Castrén made to support his teaching and translation work.

The second part of the volume contains Castrén’s manuscripts for a Finnish grammar book as well as his prepared materials for his 1844 lectures on Finnish grammar. After the publication of the Kalevala in 1835, the status of Finnish rose rapidly in university circles, and the rise of National Romanticism made Finnish into an interesting object of study. Castrén’s lectures on Finnish grammar in 1844 were a great event and the true highlight of the academic year. Now the texts have been edited on the basis of the original manuscripts. They have not been published before. Both parts of the volume have been supplemented with an editorial introduction to contextualize Castrén’s scientific work and thinking.

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Manuscripta Castreniana: A General Preface to the Series by Juha Janhunen

Editor’s Foreword by Kaisa Häkkinen

Matthias Alexander Castrén:

Kalevala sive vetera Carelorum poemata
de priscis Finnorum temporibus
Kalevala, or Old Karelian Poems from
the Ancient Days of the Finnish People

Matthias Alexander Castrén and
the Swedish Translation of the Old Kalevala
 by Kaisa Häkkinen

Förord [Foreword] af M.A. Castren

Synoptic Presentation of the Full Text of
the Old Kalevala (1835) by Elias Lönnrot and
the Swedish Translation (1841) by M.A. Castrén

Vocabularia et commentaria Kalevalae

Sources and Literature and
Index to the Kalevala

Matthias Alexander Castrén:

Grammatica Fennica
The Grammar of Finnish

Matthias Alexander Castrén and the Finnish Grammar by Kaisa Häkkinen

Föreläsningar i Finsk Grammatik [Lectures on Finnish Grammar]
Finsk Grammatik [The Grammar Book of Finnish]

Sources and Literature and
Index to the Finnish Grammar


Matthias Alexander Castrén
edited by Kaisa Häkkinen
(Ed. Elias Lönnrot)


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ISBN 978-952-7262-07-8 (print/hardcover), ISBN 978-952-7262-08-5 (online/pdf).