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Manuscripta Castreniana Ostiak-Samoiedica

Edited by Jarmo Alatalo

M.A. Castrén’s collections of the Selkup language from the years 1845–1846 is now published for the first time in their entirety, in the form of an electronic publication.

During his travels, Castrén attested all five of the Selkup dialects, in 13 different idioms, and wrote grammars for four of them. He also recorded four texts, from an idiom for which he did not make a separate grammar.

Although Castrén knew the language beforehand only from short word lists, he managed to describe its structure very completely. His material is of excellent quality, and constitutes till this day the base of our knowledge of the Selkup language, especially for the southernmost, earliest extinct, Čulym dialect.

Selkup dialects 

Symbols used by Castrén 


Absolute declension 

Case paradigms 

Possessive declension

Possessive paradigms 


Verbal paradigms 

Verbal adjectives and adverbs

Conjugation of nouns 


Syntax (coming soon)