For a more detailed introduction to Manuscripta Castreniana, please read Manuscripta Castreniana: A General Preface to the Series by Prof. Juha Janhunen.

Printed Editions

The printed volumes of Manuscripta Castreniana will be divided into three sections: the Linguistica section, containing Castrén’s grammatical and lexical data, the Realia section, containing his notes on ethnography, folklore, mythology, archaeology, history, and geography, and finally, the Personalia section, containing his letters, travelogues, a biography, and a bibliography.

Printed editions are sold by Tiedekirja, Snellmaninkatu 13, Helsinki.

Published editions

Fennica. Ed. by Kaisa Häkkinen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Linguistica I. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2019. 758 pp. 50 €.

Tscheremissica. Ed. by Sirkka Saarinen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Linguistica III. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2022. 135 pp. 50 €.

Syrjaenica. Ed. by Paula Kokkonen & Jack Rueter. Manuscripta Castreniana, Linguistica IV. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2022. 277 pp. 50 €.

Ostiacica. Ed. by Ulla-Maija Forsberg. Manuscripta Castreniana, Linguistica V. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2018. 175 pp. 50 €.

Archaeologica et historica; Universitaria. Ed. by Timo Salminen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Realia I. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2017. 187 pp. 50 €.

Collectiones museorum. Ed. by Ildikó Lehtinen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Realia II, Ethnographica 1. Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne XXII. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2017. 148 pp. 50 €.

Epistulae 1. Ed. by Timo Salminen & Juha Janhunen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Personalia I,1. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2021. 851 pp. 50 €.

Epistulae 2. Correspondence between Matthias Alexander Castrén and Natalia Tengström. Ed. by Juha Janhunen & Timo Salminen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Personalia I,2. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2022. 149 pp. 50 €.

Itineraria (1–2). Ed. by Timo Salminen. Manuscripta Castreniana, Personalia II,1–2. Helsinki: Finno-Ugrian Society 2019. 1647 pp. (Pp. 1–691 + pp. 692–1647.) 80 €.

Digital Editions

Manuscripta Castreniana Jurak-Samoiedica. Ed. by Tapani Salminen, Karina Lukin, Petri-Tapio Heikkonen.