Lyric Poem 6


Lyric Poem 6


The ego leaves to get firewood with skis. There is also a man looking for firewood by the river. She tries to seduce the man; the man leaves. The ego returns and arriving at her home she finds the man in her tent. She is punished. The man takes the ego with him. He already has two wives.

The man kills his two wives and orders the ego to cook food. They live well. When the outsiders talk about the man killing his wives the man denies it, and says that the wives died because of a sickness. Eventually, they are taken to the court in Obdorsk and Berezov. The man gives black foxes to the leaders in Obdorsk and Berezov. They are taken to Tobolsk; the man gives black foxes to the leader and the leader puts them in the sledge, and takes them back home. They live well.

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