Epic Poem 9


Epic Poem 9


Bird-Cherry Cane arrives walking to the tent of the Four Lamdos. He is given a wife and one hundred reindeer, they begin to live as nomads. In the summer, it turns out that Bird-Cherry Cane cannot hunt birds. They eat all but two of their reindeer. They travel back to the Four Lamdos. During their travel, they camp near the tents of the brother of his wife. He gives them two reindeer, which they immediately eat. When they arrive at his father’s camp, the father does not give him any reindeer.

Bird-Cherry Cane leaves by himself. He comes upon two tents, is given a wife, and stays there. It turns out these people have dogs as their reindeer. A rider arrives and says that the daughter was promised to him. The dogs attack the rider’s reindeer and eat them. The rider and his one hundred men attack Bird-Cherry Cane, who grabs the largest man as his weapon and knocks everyone senseless. He rips his rival in two and hangs up his back as a signpost.

Bird-Cherry Cane wants to leave for his own land; he and his wife are sent on their way with good fortune. The son of the dog breeders is also sent along, because there will be more angry rivals. They meet one rival, but the dogs eat his reindeer. They steal his reindeer and continue their travel. They arrive at the camp of the Four Lamdos; also, the seven brothers of Bird-Cherry Cane arrive there. They share the fate of Bird-Cherry Cane and want to wage war with the Four Lamdos. The son of Bird-Cherry Cane is at the camp.

The chief of the Four Lamdos and his son promise to give each brother one hundred reindeer. The dogs kill the one hundred reindeer. The brothers leave the camp of the Four Lamdos; Bird-Cherry Cane sends his wife to take his son and the daughter of the son of the Four Lamdos along; they travel back home. The daughters of the youngest and oldest Bird-Cherry Cane is given as a wife to the son of the dog breeders, and he leaves home. Coming home, he stays on a ridge with his wives.

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