Guideline for grant applicants

Please note that this is a general guideline applicable to all grants by the Finno-Ugrian Society: below you can find instructions concerning technical issues and the content of the application. Always also check the specific guideline for the grant in question!

1. Applicants are asked to submit a free-formed application. In other words, you are free to organize your application and choose the content according to what you find relevant and important.

2. Please provide your application in Finnish or English. Degree certificates and study register extracts can be submitted in other languages as well.

3. The following attachments are required for your application: research plan, budget, CV, degree certificate or study register extract, and possibly references (please always check the grant announcement for specific information). Attach only such documents that are relevant to the application. Usually the degree certificate of your highest degree is enough. If you have a position at a Finnish university, where a particular degree is required, the degree certificate is not necessary.

4. The research plan should include the following information: aims of study, research data, methods, schedule. The budget can be included in the research plan or provided separately.

5. In the event that the applicant is a work group, please indicate the roles and responsibilities of group members. Describe in the budget how the applied amount of money will be shared between group members.

6. Submit your application as a single PDF document. The application letter and all its attachments should be converted into one PDF. Each applicant submits only one document. Please name the document with your own name.

7. The deadline for applications is usually at 4 p.m. (Finnish time) on the announced date. Please always check the grant announcement for the deadline. Applications submitted late will not be processed. Submit your application via email to the address:

For further information, please contact