About the meetings

The Finno-Ugric Society organizes nine meetings annually. Each meeting includes a scientific presentation related to the society's field of operation.
The meetings are hybrid meetings: it is possible to participate either in-person at the House of Science and Letters (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, lecture hall 104) or remotely. They begin at 18:15.

In order to participate remotely, please register at

Our meetings are free of charge and open to everyone. Welcome! 

The meetings and presentations in the autumn semester 2023

2nd December The annual meeting of Finno-Ugrian Society. Prof. Riho Grünthal (University of Helsinki): Lauserakenteiden restrukturoituminen varhaisessa itämerensuomessa

Preliminary presentation program for spring 2024

19th January PhD Katri Hiovain-Asikainen (University of Helsinki): Pohjoissaamen kvantiteetin tutkiminen akustisen ja kokeellisen fonetiikan menetelmin
16th February Doc. Taarna Valtonen (University of Oulu): [the subject of the presentation will be announced later]
15th March PhD Juha Kuokkala (University of Helsinki): Saamen vertailevaa johto-oppia 
19th April PhD Markus Juutinen (University of Oulu/University of Turku): [the subject of the presentation will be announced later]
17th May Artturi Kannisto 150 -seminar