The meetings and presentations in the spring semester 2023

17th of February prof. Volker Heyd (University of Helsinki): Only 'Go West, young man'? West-to-east migrations in the third millennium BC and their impact on the archaeological, genetic and linguistic landscape of Eurasia.
17.3. FT Viliina Silvonen (University of Eastern Finland) [the subject of the presentation will be announced later].
21.4. prof. emer. Kaisa Häkkinen (University of Turku): Mikael Agricolan sanaston etymologiset kerrostumat.
19.5. FM Juho Pystynen (University of Helsinki) [the subject of the presentation will be announced later].

Information about the meetings

The Finno-Ugrian Society organizes approximately nine meetings every year. Each meeting includes a presentation. The meetings will usually be held from September to May on the third Friday of each month. Meetings in December are annual meetings, and they will always be held on the 2nd of December.

Our meetings are free of charge and open for everyone. Welcome!