Networks, Interaction and Emerging Identities in Fennoscandia and Beyond (MSFOu 265)


Networks, Interaction and Emerging Identities in Fennoscandia and Beyond (MSFOu 265)


Networks, Interaction and Emerging Identities in Fennoscandia and Beyond. Papers from the conference held in Tromsø, Norway, October 13–16 2009. Mémoires de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 265. 2012. 298 p. (ISBN 978-952-5667-39-4 [print], ISBN 978-952-5667-40-0 [online]) 40 €.


Charlotte Damm & Janne Saarikivi: Introduction [PDF]

Part I ...and beyond

T. Max Friesen: Alaskan Analogues and Eastern Uncertainties: Reconstructing Thule Inuit Interaction Networks in the Eastern Nort American Arctic [PDF]

Peter Jordan: From Hunter to Herder? Investigating the Spread of Transport Innovations in Northwest Siberia [PDF]

Mark J. Hudson, Mami Aoyama & Kara C. Hoover: Navigating Hunter-Gatherer Resilience: Networks and Insularity in the Prehistory of the Ryukyu Islands [PDF]

Robert Jarvenpa & Hetty Jo Brumbach: The Chipewyan-Cree-Métis Interaction Sphere and the Fur Trade Political Economy: Archaeological, Ethnohistorical and Ethnographic Approaches [PDF]

Pekka Sammallahti: Bottlenecks and Contacts in the Linguistic Prehistory of the Saami [PDF]

E. N. Chernykh: The Northern Hunters, Fishers and Gatherers and their Southern Neighbours in Eurasia in the Early Metal Age [PDF]

Part II Northern Fennoscandia

Charlotte Damm: Interaction Within and Between Collectives: Networking in Northern Fennoscandia [PDF]

Fredrik Hallgren: A Permeable Border – Long-Distance Contacts Between Hunters and Farmers in the Early Neolithic of Scandinavia [PDF]

Marianne Skandfer: Change and Recollection: House Structures and Social Identification in Finnmark, Arctic Norway 2400 BC–AD 300 [PDF]

Janne Saarikivi & Mika Lavento: Linguistics and Archaeology: A Critical View of an Interdisciplinary Approach with Reference to the Prehistory of Northern Scandinavia [PDF]

Lars Ivar Hansen: Networks, Diversity and Mobility among the Northern Sámi in the 16th Century [PDF]

Jukka Korpela: Migratory Lapps And The Population Explosion Of Eastern Finns: The Early Modern Colonization Of Eastern Finland Reconsidered [PDF]

Dikka Storm: A Network of Missionaries and the Establishment of Knowledge: Creating Space [PDF]

Lars-Gunnar Larsson: Variation in Ume Saami: The Role of Vocabulary in Dialect Descriptions [PDF]


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