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Information about membership

The Society has approximately 800 members.

Discount on the publications

Members can buy our publications with a 50% discount from Tiedekirja.

Tiedekirja (

Snellmaninkatu 13

00170 Helsinki


tel (09) 635 177

fax (09) 635 017

The publications of the Society are presented in Publications. You can find information on a specific publication on Tiedekirja's website.

Member information and e-mail list

The Society maintains a member register and the members are requested to notify changed addresses etc. to the commissioner (see Persons). You can also ask for your e-mail address to be added to our e-mail list. Newsletters are sent infrequently, but the e-mail list allows us to inform our members on upcoming events whenever necessary.


The Society has approximately 800 members. The membership fee is paid immediately when joining the Society. The amount of the fee is 20 euros for students and 40 euros for other general members.  For more information on joining the Society please contact the Commissioner (see Persons).

In the 4. and 5. section of the rules and regulations of the Society membership is described as follows:

4 Any individual of good repute may be chosen or nominated, regardless of nationality or citizenship, for membership of the Society. Legal persons may also be accepted as patron members. Members shall be

4.1 honorary members, individuals invited or chosen because they are internationally recognised leading experts in Finno-Ugrian studies, or have otherwise greatly contributed to the advancement of the Society's objectives;
4.2 associate members, individuals invited from outside of Finland, who are renowned scholars in those fields of research associated with the Society;
4.3 patron members, both natural and legal persons who have supported the activities of the Society through donations;
4.4 general members, individuals who pay a membership fee as regulated at the appropriate Annual General Meeting.

Those who have paid their membership fees or became members of the Society according to earlier rules shall retain their membership according to the regulations then in force.

5. § Honorary and associate members shall be chosen on the basis of written nominations presented at the November general meeting. Honorary and associate members shall not be subject to fees of any kind. Patron members shall be approved at general meetings according to the recommendation of the Council, general members at the nomination of any member present provided that the nominee has paid the member ship fee. If the nomination for general membership is not approved, the member ship fee will be reimbursed. Any call for the removal of a Society member must be deferred until the subsequent meeting of the Society, where the motion may be approved only by a two-thirds majority of the members present. Otherwise, the motion will be rejected and not entered into the minutes of the meeting.


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