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Uralica Helsingiensia

Uralica Helsingiensia features monographs and thematic collections of articles on the history, typology and sociology of Uralic languages. Studies focusing on Estonian language and culture, Hungarian language and culture, as well as Saamic studies are equally welcome in the series. The series also seeks to support university studies on its focus areas. The editors of the series are Ulla-Maija Forsberg and Riho Grünthal. Suggested manuscripts for publication shall be addressed to the secretary of the Finno-Ugrian Society, PhD Susanna Virtanen (sihteeri[at]

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Most recent volumes

12. 2017. 381 p. Personal name systems in Finnic and beyond. Edited by Terhi Ainiala and Janne Saarikivi. 25 €. [Introduction.]

[11. Forthcoming.]

10. 2016. 378 p. Mordvin languages in the field. Edited by Ksenia Shagal with Heini Arjava. 25 €.
[Introduction & pdf.]

9. 2015. 428 p. + Appendix 13 p. Annika Pasanen: Kuávsui já peeivičuovâ. 'Sarastus ja päivänvalo'. Inarinsaamen revitalisaatio. (ISBN 978-952-5667-70-7) 30 €. [Introduction & pdf.]

8. 2015. 232 p. Culture, Language and Globalization among the Moldavian Csángós Today. Edited by Magdolna Kovács, Petteri Laihonen & Hanna Snellman. (ISBN 978-952-5667-68-4) 20 €.
[Introduction & pdf.]

7. 2015. 300 p. Contacts between the Baltic and Finnic languages. Edited by Santeri Junttila. (ISBN 978-952-5667-67-7) 20 €. [Introduction & pdf.]

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28 December, 2017