Epic Poem 7


Epic Poem 7


Two families live on the shore of an ocean. The youngest brother of the Seven Sandbank Dwellers is called Eyepick. The youngest sister of the Seven Eyeshades is called Cloth Ribbon. Seven other men live near them, the oldest is called Whitehead, the youngest – Black One. Eyepick walks to the other camp, to Black One’s tent, wanting to exchange his bow and a reindeer for Black One’s bow. When the reindeer is caught, one hundred other reindeer get killed.

Cloth Ribbon plays with the daughters of the nearest camp and pulls their braids and scalps off; the daughter of Black One does not play, but gives a cloth parka as a present to Cloth Ribbon. The youngest daughter of Black One is married to Eyepick. Cloth Ribbon marries Black One. The people in the camp of Whitehead and Black One leave.

The Black One’s camp is attacked during the night. Cloth Ribbon escapes. The Black Ones are driven to the land of the Sandbank Dwellers, where the fighting continues, as the Sandbank Dwellers also take part in it with the help of the bow that was exchanged in the beginning. The youngest from Whitehead’s camp is the last one of the enemies alive. He is killed, although Notched Bow asks he be given to him as his herder. Notched Bow’s bow is broken, he jumps up to heaven and invites Eyepick to wage war in his land.

The youngest from Black One’s camp arrives at this place and scolds them for letting Notched Bow go. Cloth Ribbon begins to shoot arrows with the youngest from Black One’s camp. Their son comes and orders his parents to go home. The son leaves for the country of Notched Bow. After arriving, the camp’s chief wants to apologize; sends his daughter to marry Black One and his son, Notched Bow, and to go and herd the reindeer of the Sandbank Dwellers. Black One’s son marries the daughter, but sends Notched Bow back.

Black One’s son finds Whitehead’s youngest, who dies in his hands. He travels back. As the children play, the youngest grandson of Black One is killed and the son of Black One begins to shoot arrows. Eventually, everyone, but Cloth Ribbon and his son, dies. They leave.

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