Samoyedic Tale 2


Samoyedic Tale 2


Two sisters escape a cannibal woman, who had already eaten their mother. The sisters flee, they encounter animals, requiring sweet talk. The animals help the sisters, but lead the cannibal woman who is following them, to her death. A boat moving by itself takes the girls away from the island where they escaped, but it also kills the younger sister who disobeys the order that prohibits them from touching the items in the boat. The older sister buries her in a wolf cave. After some time, the elder sister’s husband hears voices in the cave, and they take the younger sister away. She gets back to her normal life after some troubles.

The shamans compete over their powers. The stronger shaman steals the moon and the sun, and brings them back only after the weaker shaman prays for him to do so. The shamans go to Novaya Zemlya and turn into geese. The contest ends in the death of the weaker shaman, while the stronger one comes back to his home camp after living as a goose in Novaya Zemlya.

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