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Kansatieteellisiä julkaisuja 18

Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 18

C. G. Mannerheim

Across Asia from West to East in 1906–1908

Translated by Edward Birse. Revised by Harry Halén. 821 p. + map. 215 x 280 mm. Original Swedish manuscript Dagbok förd under min resa i Central Asien o. Kina 1906, 7 och 8. Approximately 320 (black and white) photographs. ISBN 978-951-1-21284-3.

One hundred years ago, the Finnish military and political leader Gustaf Mannerheim, as an officer in the Russian army who had recently returned from the Russo-Japanese war, made a legendary reconnaissance and research expedition across Asia to Peking. The journey, largely conducted on horseback, lasted two years. The goal of the expedition was, in addition to conducting ethnographic and natural science research, to map marching routes from Russia to China, as well as to collect military intelligence about China.

Mannerheim embarked on the journey as a member of French scientist Paul Pelliot’s expedition, but the men soon had a falling out and went their separate ways. Mannerheim kept a diary of the journey and described in detail his observations of geography, culture, economy and politics, as well as the difficulties of the expedition and his own disappointments.

Mannerheim’s detailed travel diaries and accompanying photographs are a unique collection of materials for Asia researchers and at the same time an exciting survival story for any reader. The diary appeared for the first time in 1940. This revised contains previously unpublished information, e.g. previously unpublished pictures selected from the more than 1200 photographs taken by Mannerheim over the course of this epic journey.

The (shortened) Finnish language edition Ratsain halki Aasian 1906–1908 was published in November 2007 (Otava Publishing Company).


The author outside the quarters of his expedition in Kashgar

At the dinner given by viceroy Sheng