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Travaux ethnographiques 21

Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 21
Exhibition publications of the Finnish National Museum 1

Kai Donner
Linguist, ethnographer, photographer

Kai Donner (1888‒1935) was a Finnish linguist, etnographer, explorer, author and national activist, who completed two jouneys to Siberia in 1911‒1913 and 1914.

In the field he took several hundred photographs, a selection of which is here made available as high-quality reproductions, conveying the true spirit of his fieldwork – a full century ago.

To accompany the photographic documentation, this volume contains articles devoted to various aspects of Kai Donner’s legacy, with the focus on his role as a specialist in multidisciplinary Siberian studies within the paradigm of Northern Ethnography.


Helsinki: Société Finno-Ougrienne & National Board of Antiquities 2014. 174 p. €60.


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