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Uralica Helsingiensia 12

Personal name systems in Finnic and beyond

Edited by Terhi Ainiala and Janne Saarikivi

This volume sheds light on personal name systems in various Finno-Ugrian languages. Special emphasis is placed on the reconstruction of name systems' historical strata and the cultural contacts reflected in personal names. Finnish, Veps, Karelian, Estonian, Saami, Mari and Hungarian names are under closer scrutiny.


Introduction [PDF]

Janne Saarikivi (University of Helsinki): The spread of Finnic pre-Christian anthroponyms in toponyms

Jaakko Raunamaa (University of Helsinki): Finnish medieval village names based on anthroponyms in the Castle Province of Raseborg

Timo Rantakaulio (University of Helsinki): Personal name-based place names by Lake Lennus in Savitaipale

Denis Kuzmin (University of Helsinki / Karelian research centre): Adaptation of Orthodox personal names in the Karelian language

Irma Mullonen (Petrozavodsk State University / Karelian research centre): The heritage of the Veps non-Christian onomasticon in southern Svir settlement names

Olga Karlova (Helsingin yliopisto): Karjalaisten venäjännetyistä käännössukunimistä

Evar Saar (University of Helsinki / Võru instituut): Forenames in 16th and 17th century southeastern Estonia

Taarna Valtonen (University of Oulu): Anthroponyms in the Saami languages

Alexander Pustyakov (University of Helsinki): Mari personal names: history and current developments

Valéria Tóth (University of Debrecen): The history of the Hungarian personal name system in the context of cognitive-pragmatic description

List of contributors

Helsinki 2017. 381 p. 25 €. ISBN 978-952-5667-90-5 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-5667-91-2 (PDF).