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Lexica Societatis Fenno-Ugricae XXIII

H. Paasonens Mordwinisches WörterbuchМордовский словарь Х. Паасонена

A preliminary version of the dictionary of the Mordvin languages Erzya and Moksha, based on the dialect materials of Heikki Paasonen (1865–1919), is now available on-line. The dictionary originally appeared in print in 1990–1999 (Lexica Societatis Fenno-Ugricae XXIII:1–6). The final electronic version is under preparation in collaboration with the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland.

For the time being, the Finno-Ugrian Society provides open access to the raw version and interlinked sub-articles of the electronic dictionary, located at the home site of its compiler Jack Rueter.

For detailed description of the history and structure of the dictionary, the users are referred to the extensive introduction of the first volume (pp. VII–CV).

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