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Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia 242

Mémoires de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 242

Early Contacts between Uralic and Indo-European

Linguistic and Archaeological Considerations. Papers presented at an international symposium held at the Tvärminne Research Station of the University of Helsinki 8–10 January, 1999

Edited by Christian Carpelan, Asko Parpola and Petteri Koskikallio


David W. Anthony: Persistent identity and Indo-European archaeology in the western steppes; Christian Carpelan: Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic settlement of the European north – possible linguistic implications; Christian Carpelan & Asko Parpola: Emergence, contacts and dispersal of Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Uralic and Proto-Aryan in archaeological perspective; H.-P. Francfort: The archaeology of protohistoric Central Asia and the problems of identifying Indo-European and Uralic-speaking populations; Kaisa Häkkinen: Prehistoric Finno-Ugric culture in the light of historical lexicology; Eugene Helimski: Early Indo-Uralic linguistic relationships: Real kinship and imagined contacts; Juha Janhunen: Indo-Uralic and Ural-Altaic: On the diachronic implications of areal typology; Petri Kallio: Phonetic Uralisms in Indo European?; Jorma Koivulehto: The earliest contacts between Indo-European and Uralic speakers in the light of lexical loans; L. L. Kosinskaya: The Neolithic period of north-western Siberia: The question of southern connections; E. E. Kuz'mina: Contacts between Finno-Ugric and Indo-Iranian speakers in the light of archaeological, linguistic and mythological data; Alexander Lubotsky: The Indo-Iranian substratum; J. Makkay: The earliest Proto-Indo-European–Proto-Uralic contacts: An upper Palaeolithic model; J. P. Mallory: Uralics and Indo-Europeans: Problems of time and space; Vladimir Napol'skikh: Tocharisch-uralische Berührungen: Sprache und Archäologie; Tapani Salminen: The rise of the Finno-Ugric language family; Pekka Sammallahti: The Indo-European loanwords in Saami; Peter Schrijver: Lost languages in northern Europe.

ABSTRACTS: E. N. Chernykh & S. V. Kuz'minykh: Ancient metallurgy in northern Eurasia: On the problem of contacts between the Indo-European- and Uralic-speaking peoples; Asya Engovatova: Chronology of the Volga-Oka valley Neolithic and Lyalovo migrations; V. I. Timofeev: Migrations, diffusion and uninterrupted development in the Stone Age of the forest zone of eastern Europe: Some remarks; Konstantin V. Voronin: The problem of interaction of cultural traditions in the Bronze Age in central Russia (Volga-Oka basin).